Holidays in the Family Paradise

Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis ist THE holiday paradise for families in the Alps! They say such a wide-ranged program and such family-friendly facilities for parents and their children can be found nowhere else. It's your choice! You're looking for action at the Summer Funpark Fiss or relaxed paddling in the Murmli Water? Or maybe you prefer an adventure hike along one of the three exciting 'Children Expeditions' in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis? Plenty of activities offer fun and action but also a stress-free experience of the Tyrolean mountains – for you and your kids!

Adventure World Serfaus: Summer Adventures for the Whole Family

You can choose from a wide variety of attractions:

Murmli Water:
Water, Earth, Sand & more

The interactive playground Murmli Water is a 15,000 m² big area near Komperdell middle station. The torrent flowin there has not been changed because of ecological reasons and was involved as the central element in the area. You kids will probably get wet playing intensely with the element water while parents enjoy the panorama and the mountain air in the relaxation zone with sun loungers. The playground consists of various interactive stations, including a marmot enclosure with real marmots, a marmot cave, a Murmli spiral and a gold panning site.

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Serfauser Sauser:

Soar Above the Mountains Like a Bird...

Put on a pilot’s vest, fasten your belt, hook up and off you go. At the beginning you will be excited – adrenalin is involved. The view into the valley shows what awaits you: A flight of the extra class! In a sitting position you glide down over the landscape at airy heights closely passing all the trees! The wind blows around your ears and your heart beats faster and faster! You can experience this feeling with the Serfauser Sauser. The start is at the mountain terminal of the Sunliner and then you get down to the Komperdell valley terminal passing 4 sections of different lengths.

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Murmli Trail:

Hiking Trail for the Young and the Old

Murmli the marmot, the tiny Serfaus mascot, can be seen everywhere in the hiking area. In the interactive Murmli Trail he has lifted the secrecy of his home. The journey starts close to the Gampen family chairlift. The Murmli Trail consists of the following stations: Entrance – Story fountain – Talking root man – Photo board – Sleeping bear – Croaky owl Fiona – Murmli Cave.

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Six Senses Experience Trail

Suitable for Buggies

The Experience Trail “Six Senses” in Serfaus is suitable for buggies and stimulates all your senses. You can see, hear, touch, smell, taste and even experience illusions. The breath-taking views along the trail are a feast for the eyes and remind us what a privilege it is to be able to enjoy the sense of sight. Enjoyment is a central theme that runs through the “Six Senses” trail which is probably unique in its design and conception. Starting point is the Murmli Water near the Komperdell middle station.

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Panorama Enjoyment Trail

Hiking in Austria’s High Mountains

In Serfaus you are already 1,200 to 1,400 m above sea level and the Panorama Enjoyment Trail offers easy hikes. You can take the cable car and glide up to the Komperdell middle station in Serfaus. This is where the delights of the mountain really starts. A wide, well built hiking trail without major uphill sections takes you in the direction of Fiss towards the Möseralm. The magnificent panorama and the countless peaks at altitutdes approach-ing 3,000 m are a visual delight and offer an intensive experience of nature.

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Thomas C. Brezina’s Adventure Mountains

Austria’s most famous children’s book author Thomas Brezina gave his creativity free reign and conceptualized three exciting themed trails for children. Be it on the  Pirates’ Trail (Piratenweg), the Witches’ Trail (Hexenweg) or the Explorers’ Trail (Forscherpfad) – the aim is to solve a number of puzzles as quickly as possible. Don’t lose heart, little adventurers!

Summer Funpark Fiss: Fun & Action for Yound and Old Alike

Whether you want to race down the mountain with the 'Fisser Flitzer' in summer, glide over the mountains with the 'Fisser Flieger' or get a feeling of weightlessness with the 'Skyswing' – nothing is impossible at the Summer Fun Park Fiss. Here, even in midsummer a world of snow provides refreshing cooling. The Summer Fun Park is situated around the 'Möseralm' at the mountain station 'Möseralmbahn' and offers numerous highlights for your kids:

Fisser Flitzer

The "Flitzer" starts at 1,812 metres altitude. Directly at the Möseralm mountain terminal you have to sit into the toboggan and press the joystick forward. On the way some su-prises like the Ice Cave and the ‘Burning Barn’, the Dino Cave, the Red Indian Village and the Pirate Ship are awaiting you. After 7 or 8 minutes, the 2.2 kilometres long course with 370 metres difference in altitude is over. In average there is a 19 % gradient and it is pos-sible to go with speed up to 45 km/h.

Fisser Flieger

The ‘Fisser Flieger’ is a kite-like device, just looking like a biplane which four people can ride at any one time. It dangles at a height of 8 to 47 metres above the ground. The pas-sengers get a hang-glider strap which gives you the feeling of flying but nevertheless of-fers optimal security. The action starts above the Möseralm mountain terminal in Fiss where all the preparations take place. Backwards you get with 40 km/h and when you reach the highest point the flight is starting with up to 80 km/h across the Möseralm.


The moment you could get addicted to : When centrifugal force and gravitation offset each other, the feeling of weightlessness overcomes your body for a fantastic moment. The new Skyswing offers space for up to 8 persons at a time and is drivable in 3 different levels (15 %, 40 % or 100 %- where 15 % is easy swinging and 100 % even includes a rollover). So there should be something for everyone.

Further Highlights in the Summer Funpark Fiss:

Snow Factory – Fisser Gonde – Kneipp Centre – Tubing Run – Playground – Climbing Tow-er – XXL Sandpit – Bertas Aire Slide – XXL Trampoline – Jump Tower – Electric Cars – Children’s Zoo – Slackline Park

All information about the Summer Funpark Fiss can be found here!

Hög Adventure Park: Various Playful Features for the Whole Family

Everything at the new Hög Adventure Park is related to Alpine farming and forestry. Visitors to the park around the Hög reservoir in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis are delighted by its many playful features:

  • Family Coaster ‘Schneisenfeger’
  • Family Lights chapel
  • Skill parcours ‘The Old Stable’
  • Boat hire (pedal boat, rowing boat and stand up paddle)
  • Giant milk chum
  • Wooden marble run
  • Shallow water area with rafters’ course
  •  Cowpat trampoline

PlayIn: Indoor Playground for Kids & Teen

The new indoor playground ‘PlayIn’ Serfaus at the valley station of the Komperdell cable way in Serfaus offers everything for children. Game – Fun – Sports – and everything in-door! The huge play area for kids and teens offers many highlights: large climbing hall, eleven different climbing walls, soft play extending over all 6 floors and a laser chamber. A great alternative in case of bad weather!

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Children’s Clubs and Child Care in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

In Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis there are several children’s clubs where trained adventure instructors take care of our youngest guests. Child care for tiny tots from 0 – 4 years is available in the Murmli Crèche Serfaus close to our Hotel Alpenjuwel. Older kids up to 11 years will feel comfortable in the Murmli Club Serfaus or in the Mini & Maxi Club Fiss-Ladis. The Ad-venture Club is perfect for teens from 12 – 15 years.

A special highlight for families: Many child care offers are included in the SUPER.SUMMER.CARD! For detailled information please click HERE!

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