Relaxation Massages - Magic Powers & Sounds

> Himalayan Stamp Massage

This massage uses the power and energy of the mountains. Your whole body is manually massaged by using fine, warm linen bags, filled with Himalayan salt and soaked in warm mountain flower oil.

approx. 50 min. / 92 Euro

> Stamp Massage

The room smells of freshly picked wild flowers. The soothing, rhythmic massage with warm candle balm made of Shea butter allows you to rest and relax, just enjoy the moun-tains. The skin is nourished and refreshed.

approx. 50 min. / 76 Euro

> Scented Oil Massage

A relaxing massage with special feel-good effect! By the use of aromatic oils, the physical touch is intensified, leading to holistic relaxation.

approx. 50 min. / 76 Euro

> Coloured Light Treatment

Through the coloured light treatment, a holistic activation and normalization of body-specific control systems takes place. Blockages can be solved.

approx. 25 min. / 35 Euro