Classic Massages

Full Body Massage

With the full body massage, the entire body becomes intensive pampered and also touched on an emotional level. The full body massage increases well-being and your health, as well.

approx. 50 min. / 72 Euro

> Partial Massage

The partial body massage concentrates on specific parts of the body. Muscles are relaxed, tension can be solved systematically. At the end of the massage, we apply a circulation-enhancing arnica cream.

approx. 25 min. / 42 Euro

> Sport Massage

A sports massage can work wonders, especially after sport. Tired muscles are vitalized and relaxed. You will feel fresh, fit and well-rested.

approx. 25 min. / 49 Euro
approx. 50 min. / 79 Euro

> Foot Reflexology

All organs and joints are mirrowed on the feet. A balancing foot reflexology treatment can improve possible disturbances.

approx. 25 min. / 43 Euro
approx. 50 min. / 76 Euro

Facial Massage

Very relaxing massage with revitalizing effects for your skin and radiance. During a facial massage you can The facial massage, you can let go and indulge in gentle touches.

approx. 25 min. / 32 Euro

> Head Massage

Specific massage for the head area where tensions can lead to pain and poor concentra-tion. A gentle head massage can loosen blockades and a sense of well-being arises.

approx. 25 min. / 32 Euro