Body Peeling – Alpenjuwel Cleansing Ritual

You shall feel at ease during all our body treatments! Therefore, all treatments are per-formed on our new EMOTION Spa deck. You relax on a 37 °C warm water mattress, which is illuminated with different colors. The body wraps unfold their best and most effective effects under warm water vapor.

> Snow Crystal Peeling

The unique body peeling is evocative of fresh snow since the white sugare crystals melt on the skin like snow. This exquisite full body scrub grants tenderness and smoothness to your skin.

approx. 30 min. / 33 Euro

Body Treatments – Secret of the Flow of Life

> Warm Thermal Soil

The warm thermal soil, enriched with a detoxifying algae, regenerates and has a positive effect on the entire body. After a scrub with lactic acid, the warm mud can soak under steam. In the meantime, you will get a relaxing head massage. Finally, your body will be embalmed with vegetable oils.

approx. 45 min. / 62 Euro

> Alpine Skin Tightening Pack

The Alpine tightening pack stands for beautiful and taut skin by the power of the Alps. The pack has stimulating and circulation-enhancing effects. Close your eyes and enjoy the body pack! In the meantime, you will receive a relaxing head massage.

approx. 45 min. / 62 Euro

> Melting Snow Pack

A real treat for dry skin. After a full body scrub with white sugar, enriched with Alpine plant extracts, you soak in a smoothly melting cream pack with active ingredients from the mountains. In the meantime you get a relaxing head massage.

approx. 45 min. / 62 Euro