Healthy Perspiration in a Pleasant Atmosphere

In our hotel Alpenjuwel there are two sauna facilities at your disposal. By all means you should take the time to try out the different saunas. The alternation of cold and hot provides not only a relaxing effects for the body but also for the soul. A sauna session can also have positive effects on high blood pressure, muscle blood flow, reinforces the im-mune systems and effectively prevents muscle soreness.

For adults

Sauna area in the
upper part of the building

Für Erwachsene

Saunalandschaft im
unteren Gebäudeteil

  • Finnish sauna
  • Herbal sauna
  • Kneipp basin
  • Steam bath
  • Experience showers
  • Relaxation room with waterbeds
  • Salt grotto

Salt Grotto

Our salt grotto is a particular highlight in our new wellness and spa area. Floor and walls are lined with salt stones, partially backlit. The salt stones are heated to 25 degrees, thus creating a pleasant atmosphere simulating a maritime climate. This climate is ideal for the entire respiratory system. Thus our salt grotto does not only have a recreative but also a therapeutic effect.

Steam Bath

Our steam bath operates at milder temperatures (50° C) than the Finnish sauna and is therefore suitable for less heat-resistant persons. Besides, the very high air humidity is particularly beneficial for the respiratory system and makes your skin especially tender.

Herbal Sauna

Our herbal sauna is a particular pleasant way of sauna. The temperatures are slightly lower than in the Finnish sauna, the humidity is higher – thus the herbal sauna is also suitable for less heat-resistant persons. By enriching the hot air with pleasant herbal fragrances the herbal sauna is an experience for all senses.

Relaxation Rooms

After a sauna session you should take a break. In our rest rooms you find cosy loungers and waterbeds to rest and unwind.

Opening Hours

Our sauna and spa facilities are open daily from 4.00 pm – 8.00 pm.
On request of our guests we gladly open the spa area earlier.
Towels and bathrobes for the spa are already included in the room rate.

Good to Know!

Our two spa areas are connected by a corridor. So you don’t even have to go outside and can reach both spa areas dry-shod.
The family sauna is open for adults and kids from 12 years.

For Families & Kids

Family sauna in the
upper part of the building

Für Alle

Familiensauna im
oberen Gebäudeteil

  • Finnish sauna
  • Steam bath
  • Infrared cabin
  • Relaxation room
  • Solarium

Finnish Sauna &
Turkish Sauna

The alternation of hot and cold in the Finnish sauna (approx. 90°) stimulates the circulation and awakens your spirits. Especially after an active sports day a sauna session has beneficial effects, because the muscle blood flow is improved – and muscle soreness can be prevented. Tired legs can also get refreshed with a cold shower in our Kneipp basin. Our Finnish sauna can also be operated as a Turkish sauna (steam bath). Then the temper-ature is lower (65° C) and the humidity is higher.

Infrared Cabin

The infrared rays in this cabin are responsible for a particular pleasant feeling of warmth. The modern and healthy way of perspiration operates at mild temperatures around ap-prox. 30 ° C. Infrared rays stimulate metabolism and circulation likewise, at the same time relaxation and well-being are supported.


Solarium coins are available against a fee of € 5 at the reception.